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In 2009 the Province of Ontario introduced the Micro-Fit (Feed In Tariff) program. This program was introduced to spur on Photovoltaic(PV) solar “green” installations in Ontario to lower Ontario’s need to install new “dirty” energy projects in order to meet Ontario’s growing energy needs.

Solar energy technology in its present state cannot provide economical solutions at the present “subsidized” hydro rate. The province of Ontario therefore introduced special hydro generation rates for (PV) systems far above market rates and guaranteed for 20 years from system installation date. These 20 year guaranteed rates make these small roof top systems (less than 10KW) economically feasible with an 8-14% return on investment (ROI).

What this means to the average homeowner is that with a $15,000- $55,000 investment they should be able to return an annual 8-14% return for the next 20 years with rates guaranteed by the Province of Ontario.

Not often does an investment offer come along with a 20 year guaranteed purchase price. Unfortunately the province is only guaranteeing these rates to projects at the present time. These rates will be adjusted periodically and will be lowered as the industry matures. As of fall 2013 the rates have been lowered to the present $.396 per kwh rooftop/$.291 per kwh ground based.

The price of equipment has fallen equally so that we are still able to install systems that allow for rates of return in the 8-14% ROI. The government is hinting at lowering these rates even lower in 2014 and we are not sure how much lower equipment costs can go so it is imperative to get permits in and systems running before rates change again.

The rate in effect at time of application is the rate the system will receive for the 20 year life span of the contract. This will not change regardless of future policy and rate changes.

 Here are the benefits of the FIT program:
  • $.396/.291 per KWH Feed-In-Tariff rate
  • 20 year guaranteed rate
  • Great ROI
  • Very little maintenance
  • Accelerated CCA amortization
  • Equipment increases property appraisal
  • Should not affect MPAC Tax assessment
  • 25 year production warranty (but will continue to produce free power for approximately 30 years efficiently)
  • Provide new “Green” jobs for Ontario
  • Lower Ontario’s need for “dirty” coal power plants
  • Eliminate Ontario’s need to import electricity during peak demand hours
  • Eliminate ”Brownouts” & “Blackouts” due to peak load limits

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The Green Energy Act

The Green Energy Act includes many provisions to promote and develop green energy industries in Ontario. These programs are designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape, introduce subsidies and provide general government support at all levels for the renewable energy industry.


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