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Edcon Energy provides one stop shopping for all types of products and services in the Solar and Battery Storage System industries.

We provide the product, expertise, installation experience, pricing and warranties to make every system the right system, every time.

Our Services:

Sales & Installations

We provide turnkey high quality and affordable On & Off Grid solar installations throughout central Ontario. We do all the work including OPA & LDC permitting, building & zoning permits, electrical inspections, equipment supply and install and electrical contracting & connection and even financing. Edcon customers need to do little other than decide on what system to chooseand supplying information required for Edcon Energy to process paperwork properly. This is our most popular option and only requires a phone call to get started. We take care of everything else.

Sales (Cash and Carry)

Although we provide complete turnkey installations,  some people may prefer to be more involved in the process and we are more than happy to help out. As systems are very complicated we do not recommend do-it-yourself installations but we are a happy to supply equipment to clients who want to save some money and do it themselves. Our equipment prices are highly competitive and will match any price on exact equipment. As mentioned we do not recommend this option as installations require experience and knowledge of electrical and construction systems but we will strive to help clients minimize these issues with sound advice and help from our experienced staff. We do provide consulting services for a minor fee.

Stand alone Installations

Clients that have procured equipment elsewhere may not feel confident installing their system; installations can be very complicated and it is important that systems are done right the first time for safety and building integrity. We provide as little or as much help as a customer wants – from designing a system to a complete install.  But if all customer wants is us to install hardware, we are more than happy to install customer supplied equipment and nothing more.

Contract installations

We are experts at installations and are well known in the industry for this. Many “Solar Companies” do not actually install their own systems or only in local areas and prefer to outsource their installs to local companies in distant regions.  We are more than happy to install systems that other companies and even suppliers have sold to clients and need highly competent and affordable contractors to fulfill installation process.  We can tailor install process to any company’s mandate and processes and will keep client/retailer relationship intact.

Service contracts

Solar installations are long term relationships and clients are always concerned about maintenance and system uptime. We are happy to provide long or short term maintenance contracts to ensure client’s system will be up and running consistently without costly breakdowns and outages. We can tailor contract to any install any client’s needs.

Service calls

We are highly knowledgeable and trained in the majority of solar equipment available in Ontario and can provide immediate troubleshooting and repair to nearly anywhere in Central Ontario for reasonable, onsite service call rates.

Project Management

We have been professional project managers for over 20 years and with our knowledge and contacts in the solar & engineering industries we are your best choice for small to mid-sized solar projects; whether you have FIT projects or Off-Grid residential projects.

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"I feel very fortunate to have learned about Tom Russell and his company, Edcon Energy for my solar installation. From his first visit to my house he impressed me greatly with his attention to detail ...

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The enlighten Dashboard by enphase Energy

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The Green Energy Act includes many provisions to promote and develop green energy industries in Ontario. These programs are designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape, introduce subsidies and provide general government support at all levels for the renewable energy industry.


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