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The sun is the most consistent source of energy we will ever have. It’s free, will last for about another 5 billion years and has very little environmental costs. Harnessing it just makes sense.

The downside to solar energy however, is that present technology to harness this energy can be expensive, requires a large amount of free space with good exposure to the sun. We all want to do our part for the environment but wants and needs can be different things. Now there is an excellent reason to harness the sun’s energy – rather than costing money, or simply saving money, with the Micro-fit program, you can now MAKE money with solar.

The Government of Ontario, through the Green Energy Act, has implemented programs to make it solar installations economically viable to jump start our solar program and reap the benefits of solar energy, even when free markets have not.

One of Solar energy’s main downsides actually becomes a benefit in the Green Energy Act. The nature of electrical demand is that it is not necessarily how much power is used but when that power is used.  Most power is consumed by industry which is overwhelmingly during business hours of Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. This is called peak consumption. During this time, residential consumption actually goes down because most people are at work or out of the home. There is a period when this residential decrease does not happen and actually adds to the industry peak and that is during heat waves in summer; typically when people leave their air conditioners running during the day when they have left their homes. The sun, ironically, heats up their homes and the air conditioners have to work harder.

Figure 1 Hourly Power  Consumption & Solar Production

During these periods the province may or may not have enough capacity to supply this extra large demand and either need to buy energy from other provinces or the USA or the province risks a brownout where the voltage drops in the grid causing damage and shut downs of electrical equipment. This imported energy is very expensive and brownouts, or even worse blackouts, cost the economy even more. Increasing electrical generating capacity to protect against these peak demand overages is extremely expensive due to the sporadic nature of these demands.  As well, traditional generating methods such as nuclear energy are very slow to respond to changes in grid demand.  It can take days and weeks to increase or decrease energy generation at a nuclear power plant. Energy produced is lost if not consumed or stored.  Presently there is no viable storage solution so it is imperative that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and Hydro One manage the electrical grid to balance supply with demand.

The OPA Micro-Fit program has been created to help the province better manage energy supply, efficiency, and costs.

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The Green Energy Act

The Green Energy Act includes many provisions to promote and develop green energy industries in Ontario. These programs are designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape, introduce subsidies and provide general government support at all levels for the renewable energy industry.


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